Take me home

take me home

We were literally packing it up for the day, everyone was cold from being outside; Alissa was freezing and put on her coat and wrapped her head in that shawl thingy for warmth. There was this subway station in the sunlight that I thought looked like a cool place to shoot, so I threw on the ol'85 mm and asked for five more minutes. Well it turned into about 15 minutes of shooting, with Alissa changing poses without any direction from me at all (always a plus!) and Frank holding a reflector off to camera right to fill in some shadows. We were in a high-traffic place and the hardest thing was timing the shots to avoid all the people using the subway!

I guess what I am trying to say is that when you have a great team and the shoot is going well, look for those little opportunities before you put your camera away for good...sure, it's an extra few minutes invested, but I just love the picture all the way up top with the taxi in the background. It's so NYC:) Totally worth it!

Thanks again to:
Model: Alissa Laderer
MUA: Danielle Klatsky
Assistant: Franklin Abreu