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Christmas Card 2018

CODE NAME: G-F.O.R.C.E. When we first started making these crazy Christmas cards, people would ask me "How long are you going to keep making these?" "I have no idea," I'd say, "I'd like to try and go for 10 years, then we'll see what happens." Well here it is, our 10th annual Christmas card! Now that we've made it to 1o years, is it finally the end of the Christmas cards? I seriously don't know. I can tell you that there is no way you'll see a card as nutty as this one to make but takes way too much time! We thought of the idea at the end of the summer, and started shooting this one in October. We discussed going to JC Penney next year for our Christmas card, and not in a funny ironic way either... Check out the video below, but make sure to crank up the volume or you'll miss all the super tunes! (Also, the video is in high-def so if you click the little settings gear, you can change the YouTube player t

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