Miss Alissa

More from the last shoot with Alissa...after a quick outfit change we were looking around for cool backgrounds that also happened to be in the sun, since it was cold out! Found this great place with an overhanging awning that made cool shadows on the wall. Sun was behind Alissa to her left (camera right) which you can tell by looking at her shadow on the ground. Lighting for all of these were two reflectors hand held by Frank and Danielle: one big white one just to camera left for fill, and the shiny gold/silver side of the California Sunbounce reflector slightly more to the left. The shiny reflector was acting as a key light since it was reflecting back direct sunlight. When you use a reflector like this it can be really bright, and you can see the giant beam of light it gives off and often the model can't look in that direction because it's almost the same as trying to look into the sun!

With an experienced model who knows how to pose without any instruction needed, shooting in natural light like this is great. There is no recycle time to worry about like when shooting with strobes, and you are not limited by sync speed. Alissa dances around and changes her pose every 2 seconds and I click the shutter and get all these pic in under five minutes...how great is that?!

Model: Alissa Laderer
MUA: Danielle Klatsky
Assistant: Franklin Abreu


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