Fashion time...Edginess!

After we did the more commercial and straightforward shots, it was time to kick it up a little and do something more edgy. We had some cool outfits that we pulled from the thrift shop and Cassidy, our MUA (make up artist) did an amazing job on the make up...heavy smokey eyes, and striking red lips.

We started out with the huge sweater with some funky red shoes, and went from there. Used a few different lighting techniques, but that is for another post: for now just check out the pictures!

Yes, those are leather shorts with suspenders attached if you were wondering...

A change of outfits and some amazing posing make this shot one of my favorites!

Models that can fly are a plus too!

Having a great team to work with is essential to pulling off a shoot like this in a short time frame, and keeping the energy levels up the whole time. After the shoot, Mollie said how the make up made her feel like she was a different person...a character that could pull off all those dramatic poses and intense looks like it was a normal thing to do! Lizzie from CURE helped us pick all the outfits in the days before the shoot and then kept everything moving along seamlessly on the day of the shoot. We ended up shooting about 10+ looks on two models in a little under 5 hours. There is no way that would have been possible without a lot of help and organization courtesy of Lizzie! As far as my role in keeping things moving, I made the flow between the lighting setups as streamlined as possible, I planned out everything I wanted to do in the weeks before the shoot, and I picked out all the kickass music (yeah!).

There is more on the way in terms of lighting and behind the well as another model and MUA, so stay tuned! As a matter of fact, the best way to keep updated is to join my facebook page (the link is at the top right of this page) or subscribe to the RSS feed (shameless plugs here).

Model: Mollie Komins
MUA: Cassidy Renee Boch
Wardrobe provided by CURE Thrift Shop
Styling: Lizzie Altman

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