Fashion time...BTS, part duex!

Short and sweet...this is how it's done!

One big bare flash for some edgy popping light. Big crazy shadows on the ground give away the hard light and the angle and position of the light. This is a B800 with the 7" reflector-my new monolight!

A monolight is just a self-contained strobe that plugs into the wall. The advantage over small flashes is power and super-quick recycle time!

Make sure to get the exposure right by using a flash meter. Hard shadows can be cool!

Speaking of hard shadows...this was shot with just a bare speedlight handheld just above the camera lens and connected with a PC sync cord. At f/13, anything not in the path of the light goes almost black. If I shot this against a flat white wall, there would be almost no shadows anywhere (like you see with her shoulders above). But I already had the big seamless up, and one can only stand so close to the background since the paper at the bottom is sweeping up off the floor in an arc...and if you stand on the part that is off the floor the paper rips and/or comes crashing down! So by necessity, Mollie had to stand about a foot away from the seamless. Hence the big shadows behind her...Still looks pretty cool though!

to be continued!

Model: Mollie Komins
MUA: Cassidy Renee Boch
Wardrobe provided by CURE Thrift Shop
Styling: Lizzie Altman

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