I am doing headshots now! For the past few months, while I was working on the 50/50 Project, I was also secretly learning and practicing my new headshot techniques. Well actually, that makes me sound like Batman...all I really did was study other photographers work that I like, and try to learn from it. I have also been systematically working on learning more photoshop, specifically skin retouching and color correction, etc. Got a good textbook on photoshop, and have been scouring internet photoshop forums and youtube videos for more info. It's really amazing what you can learn just from those two places! I should have went to "YouTube University" and saved my dad a lot of money!

Maybe one day I will talk about the photo techniques and photoshop how-to that goes into these images...but I have to leave something to blog about in the future :)

Thanks to Alissa Laderer (model) and Kim Y (make-up artist)