Christmas Card 2015

Christmas Card 2015-Front

Here is our Christmas card this year! I guess after doing this for seven years, I learned a thing or two about compositing because this one went together pretty quickly. The hardest part was getting into that dirty chimney to get the santa part just right...couldn't figure out if it was easier to climb in from the bottom and turn around inside the fireplace, or to squirm in already upside-down. In the end I just climbed up to the roof and dove down the chimney headfirst!

Christmas Card 2015-Inside

We shot this picture for the inside of the card. I figured we should counter-balance the dark and weird front of the card with something light and cheeky. It was hard to get the kids to sit on Santa's lap, but once we all got on the bench together magic happened and everyone ended up looking pretty good!

Here is the "making of" video so you can see the process at work if you don't believe me!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!

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