Christmas Card 2012

Merry Christmas!

If you've been following this blog even occasionally, then you probably know that for the past four years we have been shooting a family Christmas card that is a little, um...non-traditional. Every year I think it gets better, and now with the baby in the mix the possibilities are endless!

My wife thought up most of the idea for this one, I wanted to add the elves (it just wasn't ridiculous enough), and my mother-in-law supplied most of the "props" including the two dolls on that back table that she made by hand when she was younger. My wife and I supplied the cute little baby!

Shooting went remarkably well, the baby was great and only cried once! The actual shooting part only took a few minutes once the lighting and everything was set up. The compositing in Photoshop took more than a few minutes, but was totally worth it. I strung together all the test shots in a little movie below just to do something with them, and since it's kind of funny to look at them all then see the card come together!

Merry Christmas!!! Thanks for reading!