INKED: J. Michael Kent

I have always been fascinated with tattoos. Especially the big colorful ones in conspicuous places that people can't hide. Something about just going for it and permanently altering your image in a way that people notice within two seconds of meeting you seems both scary and exciting.

INKED is my new portrait series focusing on people with significant tattoos. The kind of tattoos that can't be hidden with a T-shirt. The kind of tattoos that can affect job opportunities and social interactions. The kind of tattoos that can also look really damn cool! Those are the people I am looking for! So without further delay, here is the first subject, and a mini-interview:

J. Michael Kent, 29, Transporter

At what age did you get your first tattoo? Have you gotten your last one yet?

Sixteen. There will be many more tattoos to come!

What’s the significance of your largest tattoo?

I have two half-sleeves on my left arm and to be honest they don't hold much significance. I'm attracted to vivid colors and artwork and was lucky enough to work with an artist who understood that.

What does your ink say about you?

Some of it represents my interests for sci-fi and horror. Definitely leaning more towards sci-fi. My interest for horror-themed tattoos is growing more and more and I can't wait to get started. My other tattoos represent my views toward artwork.

Do people see you differently now? How?

I don't focus my attention on anyone who would view my tattoos in a negative way. It's awesome that tattoos are now more socially accepted because it allows me not to be viewed differently.


  1. Aw smack, J, this article and interview kicks ass. Good luck and i hope this blog gets you recognized and leads to acting and more bigger modeling gigs my dude.


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