INKED: Andrea Lee Duncan

Andrea Lee Duncan, 25, agency-represented actress

At what age did you get your first tattoo? Have you gotten your last one yet?

I got my first ink when I was 18, many piercings before that. I “design” all of my tats to represent a significance in my life...whether it be a person, event, saying, etc. Out of my nineteen tattoos, 3/4 are in a different language, mainly Sanskrit or Korean. I’ve never looked at a tattoo in a parlor and pointed at it and chose it. I graphically design or draw all of my tattoos. My 19th is not my last....I am working on a quarter sleeve and have no intention of stopping additions to it.

What’s the significance of your largest tattoo?

My largest tattoo is a color monet of the late jazz singer Amy Winehouse. She is one of my biggest artistic influences. I got that one alone with a song lyric by her in October of last year.

Do people see you differently now? How?

People stop and look at them and ask questions frequently....everyone has some opinion to offer or some judgment. I just listen and nod. I see people as being more judgmental than a human has the right to be. People see me differently in many, many just depends who you ask.


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