Miss Pam!

Miss Pam

A shoot with my friend Miss Pam. We've kinda known each other for a long time: we went to high school together! We reconnected on facebook a while back when I saw she did make-up, and she did the make-up for this shoot. Anyway, one thing led to another, and we planned a shoot in NYC. She's a dancer, dance instructor, make-up artist, model, and all around talent!

Shot the whole thing with a 50 mm and 85 mm prime, which isn't totally unusual for me. However, what was unusual is that I left my trusty 24-105 mm zoom at home on purpose. I know that lens rocks and wanted to work without having it available to rely on. Almost everything was natural light with one reflector hand-held by my awesome assistants Tom and Andy, who volunteered their time to help out (much appreciated guys!) Used a strobe in an umbrella for the shots with the green background that look "lit" just to mix it up.

More to come from this shoot soon...

Model/MUA: Miss Pam
Assistants: Tom C and Andy B


  1. Pam, gorgeous ... :) love all of your photos! Great photography as well xo - Karen Edwards


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