Fashion time.

Here is the story in a nutshell. Guy likes camera. For his birthday present, Girl (loving wife) rents a studio for Guy for a full day to use said camera. Guy thinks this is an awesome gift but doesn't know what to do with a full day in a studio. Guy calls Cure Thrift Shop and asks if they have any fashionable things they want to lend him. They say "yes, lots!" Guy says "you are cool!" Guy finds some models, make-up artists, and Cure sends an awesome stylist over to the studio. Pictures happen.

Surprise ending! Guy finds out that the studio not a photo studio, but instead is a dance studio and he brings in all the equipment and everything else himself and sets it all up from scratch! And he took a bunch of setup shots of the place and the lighting and all that, and will share it with you soon!

Model: Mollie Komins
Make-up Artist: Cassidy Renee Boch
Wardrobe: Cure Thrift Shop
Stylist: Lizzie Altman

I shot a few more looks with Mollie, and then did a whole bunch more with another model, so there will be TONS on the way...stay tuned!

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