Made my first video!

Here it is, my first video! We went out downtown last weekend to do a shoot…only this time I brought along a friend to make a video. I love behind the scenes videos. They’re not only entertaining, but you learn so much from seeing real photoshoots in action.

The theme here is “bouncing light.” Every shot in this video was done with some kind of bounced lighting technique, from bounced sunlight, to bouncing light off a garbage truck, to the "crotch bounce!” I have entered it into the LIME bounce competition so click on the video and turn up the speakers and watch! The winner is chosen based on number of views on youtube, and by a panel of judges. This is a late submission, so I need all the views I can get!

This was the biggest project I have done so far, and I think it was a success! We had a lot of fun shooting and making the video, I got to try out a whole bunch of new techniques, and we got some great pictures in the end.

More to come later on the techniques used in the video…but for now just watch the thing!!!

Due to some movie editing software problems, the credits on the video are in tiny print and I couldn't fix here they are again!

Director: Carmine Caracciola
Model: Valerie Bauer
Assistant: Dave Gervase

Big thanks guys!


  1. Great to see how you do your magic.


  2. That's pretty awesome

  3. Hot Stuff!! I've watched this at least 6 times already. Love the music, too!


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