Saturday, October 13, 2012

Best project ever.


We have been working on this project for over nine months and it's our best work yet! Of course, the credit mainly goes to my beautiful wife, however I did have a small, yet important, role in the pre-production stages of this project! :)

Emma Josephine was born about 7 weeks ago and is doing great! She is starting to smile now; undoubtedly getting ready for a long life of getting her picture taken by yours truly! Maybe I will change my name to DWC...Dad With Camera.

In usual GWC fashion, my wife took behind the scenes pics of this fancy setup, which utilized a sheet and the sunlight coming in a widow behind me. We tried other setups, light-colored blankets, warm fuzzy things, baskets, etc, but Emma managed to poop or spit up on all of the other "sets" except for this one. And to top it all off, she wouldn't sign the model release! That being said, she was still the cutest little model I have ever had the pleasure of working with!

We love you Emma!
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