Wednesday, September 29, 2010

50/50 Project: Week 5

Day 29-I was really starting to miss my other lenses...
Day 29

Day 30-Working on my headshot technique...mostly used the 85 mm lens, but slapped on the 50 for a few!
Day 30

Day 31-Our two cute nieces came in to stay overnight in the city. While their parents partied it up, we took them out to Alice's Teacup and then for some really good ice cream, which they were thrilled to eat NYC style, out on the street!
Day 31

Day 32-College friends came over for a big Sunday night dinner...good times!
Day 32

Day 33-the aftermath of a busy weekend...editing a shoot I did on Saturday morning...eating leftover chicken fingers!
Day 33

Day 34-"It's a cake!"
Day 34

Day 35-wine, TV, couch, wife...another day ends.
Day 35

It was a good, busy week! Only two more to go!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

50/50 Project: Week 4

Day 22-this will be a chocolate cake soon
Day 22

Day 23-do you like to "do it" yourself?
Day 23

Day 24-made by day 27!
Day 24

Day 25-lil' sis visits NYC
Day 25

Day 26-octa-fisting
Day 26

Day 27-my girl with the green eyes
Day 27

Day 28-where this project is going...
Day 28

Thursday, September 16, 2010

50/50 Project: Week 3

Not much happening this week. Haven't had the opportunity to get to many new places so I am looking for new angles in the same ol' hood. Mostly just not having the time at night to do any crazy setups, and carrying around the camera during the day is not really a good idea since I have no where safe to put it at work. Oh well, the project is still rolling on!

Day 15-one foot away from a white wall, practicing control (with lights, not my facial expression!)
Day 15

Day 16-too cold out to wait for the right light
Day 16

Day 17-Empire State Building on 9/11/2010
Day 17

Day 18-Grandpa
Day 18

Day 19- I'm losing it!
Day 19

Day 20-The blog turns 1 year old!
Day 20

Day 21-my eyes are wide open
Day 21

Until the next time!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Happy Birthday!

The blog turns one year old today! Hooray!

According to Google Analytics, in the last year 2,610 unique people from 73 countries have visited the blog 5,442 times! While that is actually a pretty small amount of traffic compared to a lot of other blogs, I still think it's pretty cool! I have visitors from every state in the US (except for Alaska...obviously too cold for photography there) with NY in the lead, followed by Ohio, DC, California, and Montana. I remember back in the first few months when I got my first international visitor (from Australia I think) and was sooooo excited. I still get psyched when total strangers (and friends) comment on my "wow, people are actually reading my ramblings!"

So thanks everyone for sticking around and reading my random thoughts! I love to write about this stuff, so expect lots more to come!

Day 20
(My wife got me this present for my GWC birthday! She also took this amazing picture. Thanks babe!)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Vacation Mode

Tuscan Sky

Here are some long-overdue pics from our trip to Italy this summer! Gives me a good opportunity to write about vacation photography, and what I realized on that trip.

Sunset over Florence

Of course, I brought way too much gear on this trip. Camera and a few lenses (OK, all of my lenses!), a flash (OK, two flashes), a compact tripod, compact light stand with umbrella, batteries, cards, and a light meter. Ridiculous...I could have shot a wedding there and still had unused gear! What I actually used: camera, my one zoom lens (24-105 mm), and all the memory cards. Used the tripod about four times. Used the lighting gear exactly zero times!

Amalfi Coast

I really wasn't thinking about photography the same way when I was there. I was not in "photoshoot" mode; I was in vacation mode. In vacation mode, there is less thought given to lighting and posing, and more thought given to wine, and food, and fun! My only real philosophy was to take my camera with me pretty much everywhere we went. Sure I looked like a tourist, but I was a tourist! Used that one lens for every shot. Took a picture of everything I thought looked good. Took the camera on motorboats, rowboats, trains, bikes, chairlifts. Took it everywhere we walked. Took it to restaurants, bars, beaches, late night gelato-eating missions. There was no pressure to make pictures look perfect; I just enjoyed shooting whatever I wanted.


I was never sorry for taking the camera with me. If it was in the way I would put it down under the table, or strap it over my shoulder for walks--I even let the guy driving our little tour boat hold it for a while when we jumped in the water off the coast of Capri to swim in one of the grottoes (that's a big step for me, the camera holding, not the swimming!) I didn't bring a crazy camera along to leave it in the hotel room, or so I could take it out and babysit it. It doesn't take pictures by itself when it's in a protective case with the lens cap on. And guess what...the camera made it back home unscathed, and now we have tons of great memories to look at again and again!

Hanging out
(The tripod did come in handy for this shot in our hotel!)

So lesson learned for the next vacation: bring less stuff! Camera with zoom lens, memory cards, battery charger...and maybe the little tripod too!

More to come from Italy...

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

50/50 Project: Week 2

This week is already getting harder. I feel like I am taking pictures of the same old thing over and over again. Gonna have to start trying some new stuff...need to get out of my neighborhood and explore a little. All of these pics were taken within a two block radius of my place...

Day 8-lights!
Day 8

Day 9-cool sky right out of my window
Day 9

Day 10-a glass of wine and a new light fixture
Day 10

Day 11-sunrise
Day 11

Day 12-we're all just bricks in the wall
Day 12

Day 13-did it right this time
Day 13

Day 14-do I really have to do this for another 35 days?
Day 14

My lovely grandma (who reads this blog btw!) suggested that I take a picture of some old people feeding the birds at the I will have to keep that in mind :)

It's gonna to be a long month...

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

50/50 Project: Week 1

Here are the results from the first week of shooting something every day. It has been a fun week and I am beginning to see how shooting daily and not repeating myself can get challenging very quickly. Some days I have trouble picking my favorite picture of the day because I shot 50+ frames, other days I just shoot three frames and call it quits. Whatever works!

Day 1-FDR drive (you've seen this one already)
Day 1

Day 2-view from the Great Lawn in Central Park at night
Day 2

Day 3-my try at the "Terry Richardson" style with a little help from my favorite model!
Day 3

Day 4-view of Roosevelt Island across the East River at dusk
Day 4

Day 5-amazing home-cooked goodness! mmmmmm...
Day 5

Day 6-bus stop on Upper West Side
Day 6

Day 7-a Vespa parked on the street on my walk home
Day 7

An unforeseen benefit of shooting every day like this is that it motivates me to want to shoot even more! I take a picture of some random thing and before I know it I am thinking of three different ways to do it better next time. So I guess I'm learning stuff...let's just hope I am this motivated after doing this for another 6 weeks!

That's it until next week...whatcha' think so far?
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