Monday, April 2, 2012

It's not really the end of guy with camera.

About my post yesterday: The end of GWC.  As many of you guessed, yes it was in fact an April Fools joke!  No, I didn't sell my camera and accidentally put a check for $4600 in a mailbox and cry outside of B+H photo!

I had people write to tell me:
-to keep trying to contact the buyer and get a new check
-to call a lawyer
-to speak to the postmaster at the post office
-that I'm an idiot for thinking I need a new camera
-that I ripped off the Craigslist buyer
-that the buyer is trying to scam me because he won't respond
-that they can't believe I accepted a check from a Craigslist buyer
-that they would have never lost the check
-that I'm an idiot for losing the check
-that the check can be cancelled still, there is still hope!
-that now I can switch to Nikon and be a real pro (thanks Beck!)

As many people pointed out, you don't always need the best, newest, most expensive gear to make some good pictures.  I was obviously joking about my old camera now being obsolete.  Hyperbole and satire and all of that stuff!

I am very surprised at how many people (kinda) believed the story and contacted me! I thought that the ridiculous plot and condescending way it was written would have immediately raised everyone's BS-detectors to eleven.  Do you really think I wouldn't have known that B+H is always closed on Saturday? That's an amateur mistake (that I learned by making once!) Also, I wrote "lol" twice in the story...twice! C'mon!

I am actually a little worried that so many of you believed that story: What does that say about me? I either come off as a total arrogant knob on a regular basis making my behavior in that story fall within what is expected of me, or I am a gullible, sad buffoon who cries publicly and can't figure out how to mail a letter! Ouch!

Anyway, guy with camera is not over. I am still a guy.  I still have my camera (and lenses etc).  Hope everyone had a good laugh! April Fools...........LOL!

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