Saturday, March 3, 2012

Quick editing with Lightroom presets

Here are some quick before and afters from a recent shoot:



Sometimes I want to edit a picture that I kind of like but that I'm not crazy enough about to invest a lot of time in Photoshop. I usually use Lightroom only for these sort of pictures and make some quick adjustments. I also don't mind getting creative with these sort of pictures, since they're not destined for any serious use and are really just snapshots to look at.

With programs like Lightroom, you can literally make one-click adjustments using presets. You can either download or create your own presets and then apply them to whatever image you want. Certain presets look great on some pictures, and horrible on other pictures. It's all about matching the right preset with the lighting and style of the original picture. For the images above, they were shot in flat light and if anything, slightly underexposed. So the preset I used added lots of brightness (quickly concealing any skin flaws), and used split tones to add some color.

The nice thing about presets is that you can apply one, then move all the sliders around and adjust to taste. Presets just give you a quick starting point. Someone may want to use this preset and then make it less bright and change the tones in the's really easy to do.

I called this preset "clean bright/split tones" and you can download it below. I made it with LR2 (I's outdated), so hopefully it's forward compatible with all the LR3/4 users out there! If it isn't, please let me know.

Download clean bright preset

Here are the final images in a bigger size:

Model: Sashe

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