Friday, March 16, 2012

The Power of Suggestion, or Winter in Paris


There is this thing that happens between my wife and I regarding traveling. Out of the blue, she will say something like "How do you feel about taking a trip to Paris in a few months?" And I will reply something like "Paris? We just got back from Ireland a few months ago!" A few days will go by, my subconscious busily mulling over the prospect of another trip to Europe, while my conscious mind is thinking about getting older and having only one life, and the prospect of never seeing a place before I die. Yes, I am only 31. Yes, I am overly dramatic. These are both facts. At the same time, the rational part of my mind is telling me to pay off my credit card bills...

On the Seine

Usually a few more days of silent thinking will go by, and I have already come to the conclusion that we are going to fact, I can't wait to go! What a great idea...I can't believe I hadn't thought of it! What are we waiting for? We are young and healthy and I will always make more money, but I won't always have the freedom to pick up and go for a week. So one night I ask her "How much are flights to Paris?" She looks at me with a mischievous smile and says "Really? Are we seriously doing this?" To which I eloquently reply "Fuck it, let's go!"

Notre Dame
The view from the top of the Notre Dame Cathedral is amazing and a must-see!

Notre Dame
Creepy gargoyles are so cool.

Notre Dame
Inside Notre Dame

Pere-Lachaise Cemetery

When the music's over...
"Cancel my subscription to the resurrection,
send my credentials to the house of detention."

Eiffel Tower
We will see you again soon.

More to come...

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