Saturday, December 10, 2011

These tank tops are NOT for sale!

*agency represented

Seriously, you can't buy them! It's a long story...

I originally started out with a different company for the T-shirts, but things didn't work out, as they seemed to consistently mess up the shirts. Usually the graphics were printed about 4 inches away from where they were supposed to be, or they were printed crooked, stuff like that. So I eventually got fed up with the nonsense and dumped them for spreadshirt! And they have been just great!

However, they require that I design a special type of file for certain apparel, like these tank tops. This special something is called a vector design, and I don't have the time or energy or the right program at this point to make a vector easily! So I had this tank top from the old company, and figured I should at least shoot it. Eventually I will figure out vectors and try to make some tanks available for the summer-time!

*agency represented

Alissa is wearing an *agency represented tank top in size small. Hopefully one day you can buy one too!

GWC T-shirt store

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