Thursday, October 13, 2011

Just do what you know

From the time you notice that the sky looks pretty, you have about 2 minutes to catch it and then the light is gone. Speed light into a white umbrella on a light stand held up time to think about getting fancy.

Speaking of lighting stuff:

How was this lit? Hint, it was shot outdoors after the sun was completely down (as in, it was dark outside.) All the clues you need to figure it out are in the picture itself and you can reverse engineer the lighting that way!

I posted another example on my facebook page taken with the same go over there and be my friend and take a guess! Winner gets mad props on my blog, but in the future I will have fun little contests like these with actual cool giveaways, and facebook fans will get first dibs! You know what to do :) GWC facebook page

Model: Kendra Richards
MUA: Tatyana @ Visage Allure
Assistant: Franklin Abreu

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