Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ten years after 9/11/01

I was in the right place at the right time last week, and had a chance random opportunity to go to the top of the newly-constructed 7 World Trade Center building. I tried to get a few good pictures, window-glare aside.

Ground Zero

Inside 7 World Trade Center.

1 World Trade Center (aka Freedom Tower) under construction.

Ten years later, and I think the September 11th attacks make me angrier now than they did at the time. Watching all the recycled news footage of the planes going into the buildings instantly brings back all those feelings I had 10 years ago...a 20 year-old college kid who could smell the smoke from his apartment in the Bronx, who was angry, frustrated, and saddened. At that time, I was hoping that we'd nuke the shit out of whatever country supported the people behind the attacks, and anywhere else that shared the same fundamentalist mentality. If your society has willingly failed to make progress since the middle-ages, it was time for us to help you along with some of the advanced technology that capitalism has helped create. Did we really need to pinpoint the offending individuals, or could we just figure out their location within 500 miles and annihilate with a wide margin?

Ten years later and I'm glad that cooler heads prevailed. There is a reason that our country isn't led by pissed-off 20 year-old guys. And although it seems like we have made some progress in the world, we have also had some misadventures. Overall, I don't feel much safer, and think another attack of some sort is bound to happen eventually. It's just the nature of a free society; someone will take advantage, and something will eventually get through.

FDNY Engine 343

If it happens again, will we continue to hold back and show our humanity? Should we?

Never forgive, never forget.

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