Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I'm two!

The blog turns two years old today! I feel so grown up...two years in blog years is like 10 years in human years;)

This last year has been a good one too! I had some more time in the studio earlier in the year. I did that 50/50 project thing (so glad it was only 50 days!) I started documenting some of the places from my childhood. And there were a bunch of shoots that I was really happy with the outcome of!

I learned that it's always better to shoot with an assistant now I am always on the lookout for some willing hands! Same goes for a make-up artist. I never fully appreciated how important a good MUA is to a shoot until I started getting into photoshop more and saw the difference in the final outcome! I've also learned that if you have your camera with you a lot, you will get better pictures and have interesting opportunities present themselves to you more than if you leave the camera at home. I've become far less shy in just taking out the huge SLR and taking pictures in all kinds of situations. Why not right?

I also finally got a real domain name for the blog this year, which seems trivial but to me was a big step! So now you can tell your friends (please do) that WWW.GUYWITHCAMERA.NET is the place to be! Blog traffic has been up also. So "thank you" new fans! And "thank you" old fans times two for sticking around!

So where is this guy with camera going in the next year? Lots of places! I have some new projects on the horizon to keep the next year interesting. If you call yourself a photographer, I think it's important to give yourself projects to do that will help you grow. Otherwise, unless you're so busy from getting paid work, the natural tendency is to read more about photography than to actually do photography: Before you know it you're lucky if you get your camera out of the bag once a month to shoot snapshots at family parties, and you're bored out of your mind! So projects serve to make sure that photography remains an action, something I do, not just something I read about or consume online!

I started a project called INKED which should be long-term...and I will look to continue this as the weather gets colder. I am thinking about trying out a new genre called 'street photography' which will really force me to do a lot of things that I am uncomfortable with, and consequently grow as a photographer. I am also getting into stock photography, and will be looking to do much more of that in the coming year. When I have time, I am also going to make some photoshop tutorials for everyone. And I have one last project that is different from all of the above, but I can't unveil that one until I'm you will have to stay tuned for details...

Lastly, I would just like to thank my beautiful wife for all the support on the photography thing over the past several years. I know that sometimes it can be annoying to be married to a GWC, but your encouragement really keeps me going. I love you!

All-in-all, I am very happy with where this blog has taken me, and I hope to continue for a long, long time. Lots of things will change over time, but I will always be guy with camera (dot net baby, yeah!!!)


  1. Hi..just stumbled upon your blog thru flickr and wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all the helpful information you offer readers. As we all know, there are many of us blog stalkers out there, but not many that will always take the time to comment and let the blog author know how much we enjoy their site. So thanks for all you contribute and your photography is a pleasure to look at.

  2. Thank you so much JLH! You're absolutely right about the commenting, so it's always great to hear this kind of stuff :)


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