Thursday, August 25, 2011


Big news here! I finally bought a legitimate website name! I've been putting this off since the beginning almost 2 years ago because guywithcamera(dot)com was already bought in 2005 by some jackass hoping to make money off the URL in the I tried waiting him out, but I couldn't wait any longer for that name to become available. So I took out a big loan, and spent the entire $10 on! Yes, that's right, ten American dollars which is about the price of lunch in the city if you get a Snapple too, and I like my Snapples!

Anyway, now you can tell your friends that is just the coolest blog, and the name is so easy to remember! Besides, dot-com is's so late-1990s...

On an unrelated note, here are some more pictures from Ireland!

There were these neat broken-down stone cottages all over the place, usually in fields filled with cows and sheep.

This is the (ironic) heel-click jump, usually reserved for beautiful sunny days...however at the time it was only getting colder, windier, and when it finally started to rain yet again, Noreen busted this move!

watch out for the gnome when he drinks...
Beware the pub-gnome.

Blue skies, finally!
As soon as the rain stopped and the sun came out...we wasted no time pulling the car over and doing this...other tourists who were just pulling over to look at the scenery were half-amazed, half-appalled...what, have they never seen a tripod?

Ancient Stone Circle, Kenmare, Ireland
This stone circle is apparently from earlier than 500 B.C. and is in the town of Kenmare, about a 2 minute walk from the center of town down a small path. The boulder in the middle is about 7 tons, and obviously we had to jump on it and conjure creepy old birds from the sky! No tripod here, just rested the camera on one of the stones, set the 10 second self-timer and ran like hell :)

Has everyone had enough of the Ireland pics? No? OK, that's good because there are more to come...

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