Saturday, July 30, 2011

Meet people. Do things. You only live once.

You cross paths with a lot of people in life, often for a short period of time, and then never see them again. This happens often in my line of work; a place where people are constantly rotating in and out, and you will work with someone closely for a few weeks and then they're gone forever.

Mirabell was visiting NYC from Munich and like many other Europeans, she has racked up quite a list of countries that she has visited or lived in over the past several years. She already had her PhD and was in NYC to finish up getting her MD. A few weeks after leaving NY, she was off to live in Rome for a while! It's the kind of thing that we just don't often see people do here in the US, so it's kinda interesting. Well, more than that...I'm kinda jealous! I feel like lots of people here in the US, especially those who want to work in a competitive field (and I am definitely talking about myself here) get so focused on the long term goal that we forget to take opportunities to do interesting things along the way, like travel the world. I could have probably done some away time in Europe or somewhere else in college or beyond, but I never did because I had blinders on and could only see the straight path to the end, and getting there as fast as possible.

And then you meet someone like Mirabell who has done all of these thing and still finished some serious schooling on-time, and you find out that it can be accomplished. Then you just feel lazy!

She knew that I had this blog, so on a whim on her last day in NY I asked her to take a few portraits. This was not some planned-out photoshoot, the wardrobe was whatever she wore to work that day, and the camera equipment was what I had on me to take a few pictures at a party later that day. She said yes (obviously since you're looking at the pictures!) and we spent a few minutes outside shooting. It just finished raining and the combination of bright sunlight and fast-moving clouds made it hard to find reliable shade to shoot in, but we managed. She told me that she had no experience in front of the camera, but she was a natural!

So don't be afraid to just ask someone you know (or just met) to pose for a few's a fun way to spend some time getting to know someone, and the pictures you make together only exist because you asked! What do you have to lose?

I made an amateur mistake here and cut off her left arm with the framing...whoops! Shot these extra quickly since it was on this red-carpeted entrance to this fancy apartment building and we had to wait for the doorman to turn his back then run and shoot guerrilla-style!

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