Sunday, July 17, 2011

I dated this babe in college...

She thinks that she is just a regular girl, but she is wrong. I know that she is a hardworking Ph.D., an amazing wife, skilled baker, thoughtful friend, and pretty awesome person overall. I'd also use the words beautiful, funny, and sweet if I had to construct a sentence about her.

But for as perceptive as she is in everyday life, what she doesn't know is that I am secretly turning her into a model! Ta-da! Well actually that's not entirely true...I guess she did know something was up when I dragged her into a studio and shot pictures of her for a few hours! I'm not as slick as I thought...

It's been something I've been wanting to do for a while with her. She had no choice but to say yes, since I told her it was for her birthday. What the hell kind of sick joke gift is that? (I will probably find out when I get 6 months of advanced Tango lessons for my next birthday...yayyyy!) Well, we did do other stuff for her birthday, and it did turn out to be a lot of fun (yes for both of us) so there! And now my wife can say that she has the obligatory random jumping shot of herself!

And who wouldn't want that?

More to come...

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