Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Black and White

The last few pictures with Sheri...another great outfit change later and we found this little pedestrian bridge thingy and it looked like a good place to shoot. Had to work hard to frame the shots to keep distracting background elements and people out of the frame. Didn't get a set-up shot, but Olga was just behind Sheri (off to the left of the frame) and holding the reflector up overhead to block hard sunlight from hitting her hair and face. Over-exposing a stop or so gets the face just right, at the risk of blowing out the highlights in other places...such is life!

When working in tight spaces, small changes in the photographer's angles can make totally different pictures...move around your subject a little and see what you can do!

Model, wardrobe, hair: Sheri Mallin
Make-up artist, assistant: Olga Albova

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