Friday, May 20, 2011

Sometimes you just need less sun...

Shooting people in the open shade usually leads to nice soft flattering light...but what can you do when you are faced with bright noon sunlight that's pretty much right overhead creating ugly shadows everywhere?

behind the scenes

Block it! (I think "flagging" is the technical term for that...) By putting something opaque between your model and the sun, you have eliminated the hard sunlight and are left with nice diffuse lighting. In this case, I had the California Sunbounce Micro Mini reflector on hand, so we used that as a flag. With Olga holding it for us, we were able to move around and make sure the flag was just where it was needed.

The key when shooting like this is to expose properly for the skin, and let the background blow out to almost white. Usually this requires an over exposure of the scene by about a stop or so. It's a really simple technique that's portable and great for shooting out in busy places where light stands etc are not an option, provided you have an assistant to help out!

Model, wardrobe, hair: Sheri Mallin
Make-up artist, assistant: Olga Albova

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