Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Polka Dots

More with Sheri,out in full daytime sun. The strategy for these shots was just to have her keep her back to the bright overhead sun as much as possible. Olga helped out by holding a small white reflector off to the side to bounce in some fill light. By exposing for the skin, which is mostly in the shade (since her back is to the sun), we got a nice airy feel to these. The cost is some blown highlights in certain places where the full sun got her, but that's OK by me!

Red polka dot dress

I like the hairlight provided by the overhead sun!

An in-between shot...a tiny stolen moment between poses...I like when I catch these.

More to come...

Model, wardrobe, hair: Sheri Mallin
Make-up artist, assistant: Olga Albova

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