Friday, April 1, 2011

Back to the woods

I really like shooting in the woods in Central Park. It's one of the few places in the city that doesn't feel like you're in a city. It's relatively quiet, and there are less people around getting in the backgrounds of the shots, or coming over and giving me uninvited commentary. (There are still some strange vagrants and sociopathic-looking birdwatchers wandering around in the woods...but that's why I make sure my make-up artist knows karate!)

Anyway, I keep revisiting this concept in my head of the girl in the woods, only it's more of a dream-like forest, a little surreal and weird, but also bright and airy and fun--like a good childhood memory relived in a daydream. It's something that I keep wanting to recreate until I get it just right.

Now if only the weather would cooperate with us! It was coooold in the woods, and I was wearing a full-on winter coat! Maybe this is a concept best revisited when it's not unseasonably frigid outside. The model was freezing! We stopped the shoot early, but I still got a few shots that I like.

Model: Kaitlin Kasey
MUA: Danielle Klatsky

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