Thursday, January 27, 2011

Addicted to RSS

This little symbol has been my newest's called an "RSS feed" and it rules! What happens when you click on this icon is that it lets you follow updates on whatever page you clicked it on. So instead of randomly checking your favorite blogs and websites every so often (most of the time to see that nothing has been updated), you can log into whatever reader site you choose and everything that is updated is automatically there for you to see.

I use the google reader in gmail but most email providers have a reader, or there are all types of them that you can download. You can hook this up to your iPhone or iPad or whatever you have and read on the go too.

RSS feeds

Above is a screen grab of part of my RSS list in google reader. I think I subscribe to about 50 photography blogs and sites by now, and the list keeps growing! I use the "reeder" app on the iPad to view them and it's like reading a magazine of only the stuff you're interested in.

This is by far the dorkiest post I think I have put up on here...but I am one-third dork, so there! So get clicking on some RSS icons today...there is one at the top of this page just to the right of the address bar to get you started!

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