Thursday, December 9, 2010

Bounce video...closure.

Last year I* made a cool video called "Bouncing Light in NYC" for a lighting-technique competition organized by the photography site LIME. Well the long-overdue results are finally being released...

I got fourth place.

The prize is a California Sunbounce Micro-Mini. Not as cool as a trip to Belgium, but it is a nice piece of gear and it will definitely get some good use shooting headshots and all sorts of stuff soon!

Here is the announcement on the new California Sunbounce blog too.

All in all, the video was a great experience. It was the first time I tried to do something instructional like that. It was a blast to make. It got about 13,700 hits on YouTube so far, and tons of wonderful comments from people all over the world. And now I have a fun new toy to play with!

*Thanks again to Carmine for filming/editing, Dave for assisting, and Valerie for modeling. Couldn't have made the video without you guys (and girls.) I am glad to have closure on this thing and can finally stop having to hear "so what ever happened to that contest you entered?"

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