Monday, October 11, 2010

Italy: Part Due!

Capri was one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen...not that I've traveled a lot, but regardless!

Here are some more pictures from Italy. No real message here, just some pics that remind me of good times. Now that summer is really over and work is back in full-swing, I miss the amazing weather and sun and carefree vacation know, when the only goal for the day is to drink at least two bottles of wine and explore a cool city on foot, eating everything along the way!

Night in Rome. When you can shoot at high ISO with good glass at night, the colors are out of control!

In Ravello
Ravello again...I guess the townsfolk get used to this view eventually?

Castel Gand-olfo
This is a town near and dear to my heart. So is the sexy lady walking down the street! Yeeeah baby! I can't say the name of the town here, but it starts with Castel, and the second word rhymes with "Andolfo" but starts with a "G"

How could I mention Italy and not show any pictures of food? Well I can't! The next Italy post will be all about food!!! You'll gain five pounds just reading it!

See some more Italy pics here!

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