Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Happy Birthday!

The blog turns one year old today! Hooray!

According to Google Analytics, in the last year 2,610 unique people from 73 countries have visited the blog 5,442 times! While that is actually a pretty small amount of traffic compared to a lot of other blogs, I still think it's pretty cool! I have visitors from every state in the US (except for Alaska...obviously too cold for photography there) with NY in the lead, followed by Ohio, DC, California, and Montana. I remember back in the first few months when I got my first international visitor (from Australia I think) and was sooooo excited. I still get psyched when total strangers (and friends) comment on my posts...like "wow, people are actually reading my ramblings!"

So thanks everyone for sticking around and reading my random thoughts! I love to write about this stuff, so expect lots more to come!

Day 20
(My wife got me this present for my GWC birthday! She also took this amazing picture. Thanks babe!)

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