Wednesday, September 29, 2010

50/50 Project: Week 5

Day 29-I was really starting to miss my other lenses...
Day 29

Day 30-Working on my headshot technique...mostly used the 85 mm lens, but slapped on the 50 for a few!
Day 30

Day 31-Our two cute nieces came in to stay overnight in the city. While their parents partied it up, we took them out to Alice's Teacup and then for some really good ice cream, which they were thrilled to eat NYC style, out on the street!
Day 31

Day 32-College friends came over for a big Sunday night dinner...good times!
Day 32

Day 33-the aftermath of a busy weekend...editing a shoot I did on Saturday morning...eating leftover chicken fingers!
Day 33

Day 34-"It's a cake!"
Day 34

Day 35-wine, TV, couch, wife...another day ends.
Day 35

It was a good, busy week! Only two more to go!

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  1. You're doing a great job with the 50/50 project so far. Keep up the excellent work!


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