Thursday, September 16, 2010

50/50 Project: Week 3

Not much happening this week. Haven't had the opportunity to get to many new places so I am looking for new angles in the same ol' hood. Mostly just not having the time at night to do any crazy setups, and carrying around the camera during the day is not really a good idea since I have no where safe to put it at work. Oh well, the project is still rolling on!

Day 15-one foot away from a white wall, practicing control (with lights, not my facial expression!)
Day 15

Day 16-too cold out to wait for the right light
Day 16

Day 17-Empire State Building on 9/11/2010
Day 17

Day 18-Grandpa
Day 18

Day 19- I'm losing it!
Day 19

Day 20-The blog turns 1 year old!
Day 20

Day 21-my eyes are wide open
Day 21

Until the next time!

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