Wednesday, September 8, 2010

50/50 Project: Week 2

This week is already getting harder. I feel like I am taking pictures of the same old thing over and over again. Gonna have to start trying some new stuff...need to get out of my neighborhood and explore a little. All of these pics were taken within a two block radius of my place...

Day 8-lights!
Day 8

Day 9-cool sky right out of my window
Day 9

Day 10-a glass of wine and a new light fixture
Day 10

Day 11-sunrise
Day 11

Day 12-we're all just bricks in the wall
Day 12

Day 13-did it right this time
Day 13

Day 14-do I really have to do this for another 35 days?
Day 14

My lovely grandma (who reads this blog btw!) suggested that I take a picture of some old people feeding the birds at the I will have to keep that in mind :)

It's gonna to be a long month...

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