Thursday, August 19, 2010

Texture-ize me!

Texture is another of the photoshop techniques that I am trying to learn. Adding in some gritty texture gives the image a whole new layer of color and depth, and really helps set the tone. Lots of the pictures that I like have some use of texture-and the best ones are usually very subtle. The one above is not very subtle, but whatever!

The first step is finding the texture, which is just another picture of something, um...well...textured! There are groups on flickr or you can just google around for some. You can even make your own texture images by taking a picture of something like a wall, or a concrete floor, or a piece of fabric or wood or plastic. Anything can be used as a texture.

For the pic above, I found a texture that I liked on flickr (click on the picture to get the link to the texture). Next you open your original picture in photoshop and do your basic editing. Then open the texture file in a new layer and drag and resize it so that it is on top of your original image. The last step is to change the blending mode (try them all out!) and the opacity and mask out whatever you don't want the texture to show on.

The whole process takes about two minutes to do after you've done it a few times, so go and try it out! Make your pictures crunchy!

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