Friday, August 6, 2010

Everybody does it. No one talks about it.

I love tones. There is so much creative potential in the tone of the image. After taking the shot, you can add a little more of what you were feeling at the time with the right tones. Happy, light, sad, lonely,'s amazing what one can convey with some photoshop!

I have been trying to learn some basics of photoshop by reading around the internet, trying to dissect what others have done, asking questions, and trial and error. What I have found is that the process that works on one photo may give entirely different results on another. The final image has more to do with the original picture that with the photoshop technique applied.

In the above image, I was going for a contemplative tone. We just had a great time sharing a bottle of wine while watching the sun set over Florence, and were just admiring the city and the beautiful sky. The shot was totally candid. I added some vintage curves, and then a dark blue and dark brown layer on top and blended them together and salted to taste. It was so much easier that I expected it to be, and I love the tone in the final picture.

So what made this picture so "tone-able?" I think it was the early evening sky and deep rich colors of the after-sunset light that did it. The original picture "straight out of camera" looked pretty close to the final image above. If I tried to do the same photoshop voodoo to a picture I took during bright noon sun it would probably look like a mess! So maybe the key is using photoshop to enhance where the picture naturally wants to go complement the image, not change it.

It may have also helped that we were three days into the best vacation ever and enjoying every moment of it together...more to come soon!

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