Thursday, August 26, 2010

50/50 Project

50/50 project

I really want to do a 365 project…you know, take a picture every single day for a year and post it up the same day. I’m a little jealous of the people that can do that and do it well. Sure, I can take a picture of my socks every day for a year, but who wants to look at that? The whole point is to keep coming up with new and interesting pictures once I’ve exhausted my entire bag of tricks…which will probably happen around day six or so. Shooting every day will force me to develop a creative eye and look for “the picture” everywhere. It’s sounds like a lot of work…but like most hard work it probably will pay off in the end.

Busting out the camera and trying to make pictures every single day is kind of a self-fulfilling prophecy; if I force myself to do it, I will create something that would have never existed otherwise. It will also teach me loads about my camera, light, and photography in general. Shooting every day will keep me in a creative mindset and since I will have my camera with me pretty much all the time I will be guaranteed to get lots of good pictures of all sorts of things not related to the “daily shot.”

So why isn’t this post the beginning of my 365 project? Well the truth is that I don’t know if I can handle it. I’ve seen too many people fail their 365, and if I’m not going to be able to complete it I’d rather not even start. I don’t want my 365 to turn into a 43, or a 147, or even the dreaded 264! I mean there are 365 support groups out there for godsakes!

So I am starting a 50/50 project instead. 50/50 refers to 50 straight days of making a picture using my camera and 50 mm lens. That’s it. Shoot it and post it the same day, for 50 days. Starting. Right. Now.

Day 1

Why 50/50? Well it’s not really my idea…I first saw it on Bert Stephani’s blog and thought it was a great idea. The 50 mm lens is pretty much the standard prime lens and isn’t really wide angle or telephoto…it’s just like the natural human eye’s perspective. It’s typically a pretty cheap lens and there is a 50 mm lens made for all of the major camera brands out there. It’s small and not imposing and you can carry it all over. But most importantly, it will force me to think, to keep coming up with creative ways of using the same equipment to make different images.

I will upload the new pictures to my flickr page every day, but I will only update the blog here weekly so not to clog up the interwebs too much! So stay tuned on flickr if you want to…get there by clicking here.

Check out some of these cool 365 projects and be amazed:

Dustin Diaz’s amazing 365 manifesto…not only does he take great pictures but he shows the behind-the-scenes!

Els Vanopstal’s hypnotic and captivating self-portrait 365 series

Danny Ngan’s off camera lighting 365

Seb Huruguen’s great 365 project

Carmen Moreno’s surreal self-portrait 365 project

Taking an interesting picture every single day for 50 straight days shouldn’t be that hard, right? Right…?

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