Saturday, March 20, 2010

What's new in these busy times

Can't believe it's been almost a month without an update! It has been an exhausting few weeks and I have been so busy with other stuff that I haven't had time to do much photography. But here is what's new anyway!

I finally bought Photoshop! I have been eyeing the real thing for some time now, and last month I just said "whatever" and got it! It's quite a program and there is so much to learn...I am slowly cracking away at it though. I really want to push my images to the next level and I feel like the look I am after is mostly something that is done in Photoshop. So hopefully you will all see some examples of my learnings here in the near future!

The short lighting video we made has yet to be judged, but I was assured that the judging would happen soon. The guys behind the competition are hard at work on a lighting DVD that is supposed to come out in the next week or so, and they appear to be concentrating on that for the time being. Maybe they'll give out a digital copy of their DVD to all the contestants, or at least the ones with blogs (you know, for a review...) I can only dream!

My friend Manny has just started his own photo blog called Shoot Me Pretty and he's off to a great start, so be sure to check it out!

Speaking of blogs, I am thinking of changing the format of mine from a single big column to a two column layout with the side column for links and stuff. It's a pretty popular layout, but would make me shrink the landscape pictures to about the size of the one above, which is a lot smaller that the ones on the blog now. But I think I like the layout enough to make that sacrifice!

About that picture above, I have been wanting to try shooting into the sun getting that washed-out sun flare look. It's pretty low-tech, just point the camera at the person with the sun behind them and low in the sky and make your exposure for their skin, not the overall scene of course. The sky will blowout but the effect is pretty cool. I found focusing in all that glare to be very hard on the autofocus, but it is improved somewhat by blocking the sun with your hand while focusing. Also controlling the amount of flare is something that will take time to master...had lots that were totally washed out. BTW, that babe above is my favorite model of all time. She is beautiful, smart, accomplished, and can bake a mean cake! She's also the only model that I have taken home after a shoot...after going out to a nice dinner first of course!

Lastly, the spring weather is upon us! This means better outdoor photography weather, sunlight till late evening, and a happier mood for everyone! Awesome!


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