Sunday, February 21, 2010

CURE Thrift: Part 3

Mallory in the Mirror

A few more from CURE Thrift Shop. Wanted to do something more moody and less bright than the rest of the shoot. Found this little area with the dresser, mirror, and a big warm lamp and tried out something new.

Wanted to make it look like the lamp was the main light source and not like it was an artifically "lit" scene. Used the big softbox as an all-over fill light for the whole scene just to have enough light to make an exposure. Then used a flash on a stand with two CTO gels stacked to make a very warm light source which would act as the main light for our model. Put a grid spot over the flash to keep the beam focused and not allow the warm key light to fly all over the place and contaminate the whole scene. Mallory struck a few poses and that was that. Shoot was over!


Above is the setup shot if you're interested. Just click on the picture for more info!

Well that is it for the new shoots. You have seen it all. This winter weather is killing my motivation! I need to book some new shoots, think of some new concepts, and maybe even go shopping for a new camera...gotta run...'till next time!

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