Wednesday, November 11, 2009

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Been busy these past two weeks working on a new project. Did lots of planning, shot it this past weekend, finishing the editing now, and then...well you'll see soon! It was the most involved project that I've worked on to date, but with the help of some friends I think we pulled it off and I can't wait to see the results myself!

So in the meantime, here is some stuff that's been going on in the photography world. Thoughts, tech stuff, cool videos, whatever!

Some more inspirational words from McNally here in a letter to a lost soul wandering around in the world of photography and trying to make a living. Think about how many people you know are "into" photography (whatever that means) and how many people you know have semi-pro cameras nowadays as compared to 10 years ago. There are tons of people out there (like me) that shoot for fun, art, pleasure, a hobby, whatever as long as it's not profit. Many say that we "devalue" photography as a whole...

I was very excited to read on Strobist the first in a series of posts about "big lights" aka studio strobes. The timing is great, since I was just starting to research these myself...thinking about how cool it would be to have a strobe with some be able to overpower daylight or use a big softbox from 15 feet away and shoot at something over f/2.8! I can't wait for the rest of this series, and I am never surprised at how even when I don't really need any more equipment, there is always something else that I just plain want.

At Lighting Essentials there is a great post on lightmeters that is worth checking out if you like this kind of thing...and really, who doesn't? (Don't answer that question!)

And finally, Chase Jarvis shows how the pros get it done with some high speed action sports shooting! (Warning: gear-porn).

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