Saturday, October 31, 2009

Dance with the dead!

My shovel will set you free
Your corpse should provide a good source
for the sacrifice before me
I'm the cool grave robbing, raiding tombs looking for food
In places that you never even thought to
The dead, and they don't put up any fight
Besides once you ain't got no life
The rest is useless
You say it's ruthless but they don't mind, they're dead
And after they're consumed they got my life

With the gray smoke covering me
I float down with the intentions
of grabbing another body from the ground
Is it a sickness, nobody understands
I'm all alone except for all the dead bodies
I'm keeping up in my home
They always listen to me
Never interrupt or pass judgment
I can really be myself around them
And I love it, it's my own world
Hand picked from the tombs of past on's
Now give me your grave stone to dance on

Happy Halloween!

-lyrics by Dark Lotus

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